Maksym Nakonechnyy

Founder & CEO Neoven

By changing the world, inventing something new, and helping people, a person begins to feel that life has meaning


We want to believe that we are moving, however slowly, toward a better organized world.
One thing is for sure: the course of human development and new technology and developments are the composite of millions of wills.

I want to change this world for the better and contribute to this.
In 2016, I founded Neoven, a new brand of consumer appliances.
The main aim of the brand is to create new kinds of products and rethink those that are already on themarket.
Our aim is not to imitate eminent brands, but to build our own corporate philosophy around simplicity and elegance, or "netennio."
Each Neoven product has to have a unique design that reflects netennio, solve existing problems, and be technologically superior to the products on the market.

The first product that we're offering is a personal, portable Neoven microwave replacement.
This is a completely new category of consumer electronics.

It's astounding to think that we still go to work with clumsy plastic containers, heat up our food in a dirty microwave oven, boil our water in a kettle coated with build-up...and the desire to drink a homemade smoothie at work or in a park remains just a desire.
Neoven is a rethinking of this problem.

When you have Neoven, heat your food, boil water for coffee, make smoothies, and keep ice cream cold anywhere, any time.


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