Design Neoven

Neoven's design is modern and minimalistic, in keeping with the canons of the Scandinavian school.

Our aim is not to imitate eminent brands, but to build our own corporate philosophy around simplicity and elegance, or "netennio."

Neoven body

There are two buttons on the Neoven case: one for turning on the modules, and another for turning on the heating in the large zone, and there is a slider for locking and unlocking the lid.

Tableware compartment

The tableware compartment is quite large, so you can put your favorite spices, sugar, and other things here


The tableware is designed in such a way that the utensils can be conveniently connected to each other with magnets.


Large container & mixer

Large container & kettle

Large container & mini fridge

The kettle, mixer, and refrigerator have no wires and are connected to the main device through magnetic contacts.

Neoven Kettle

The kettle module, which can boil or heat up any liquid to the desired temperature: water, milk for your child, and so on.
Inside the kettle is a removable steel brewer for tea or coffee.

Neoven Mixer

The mixer module, which you can use anywhere to make yourself juice, a smoothie, or a protein cocktail after a hard workout.
It consists of two knives made of stainless steel

Neoven Fridge

The refrigerator module will keep your ice cream and desserts cold so that you can eat them at work or outside.
Inside the cooler is a thermoelectric cooler.

Large and small containers for food

The large container is designed for the main meal to be heated up.

The small container can be used for salads, side dishes, and other foods.

The inner frames on the containers' lids serve as a reliable seal, so you can carry liquid food without having to worry that it will spill.

The inside of the Neoven

In the module section are magnetic contacts for the wireless connection of modules.


The Neoven's recharging slot is hidden under the handle. It takes 2 hours to fully charge

Neoven configurations

An example of one of the Neoven's configurations.
The large container and kettle.

An example of one of the Neoven's configurations.
The large container and refrigerator.

An example of one of the Neoven's configurations.
The large container and mixer.

Product Specs


Big container
Small container (fridge)

for iOS and Android

The Neoven was originally built in a way that it could be remotely controlled through a smartphone.
You can heat food or turn on one of the modules using an app.

Immediate heating

Starting to heat food or turning on a module at a set time

You're at work. You know that your lunch break starts at 12:00.
In the morning, you can set the timer to 12:00 using the app, and when it's lunchtime, your meal will already be warm

Just go to the app and click on the Start button. Heating begins right away.

You're at work, but you don't know when exactly you'll be able to go to lunch.
As soon as you have time, you open the app and start heating the food immediately.


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