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Nowadays, we go to work carrying food in plastic containers, heat it up in dirty public microwaves, boil water in a kettle thickly coated with build-up to drink hot tea or coffee... and the desire to drink a fresh smoothie or juice or eat cold ice cream remains just a desire.

You can imagine how it looks today. It all starts with awkward food containers.

At lunch, you might need to stand in line for a while.

After that, you're usually treated to a helping of disappointment.

It's all quite unpleasant, isn't it?

Neoven is designed to eliminate inconvenience.

This is an alternative to non-hygienic public microwaves (they tend to be old and dirty). It saves time and it's easy to use

When it's lunchtime, you can turn the Neoven on remotely and start heating up your food.

It's also possible to pre-set a timer, and the food will be heated up at the time you choose.

Within 5 minutes,
your food will be warm. Just take the Neoven and get comfortable.

Every day, choose whatever Neoven configuration you feel like: put a dessert in the mini-fridge or take the smoothie maker and have a refreshing drink anywhere.

It's time for nice meals

Choose whatever you like and take it with you.

Large container & mixer

Large container & kettle

Large container & mini fridge

The Neoven is ready, and you're ready to go to work.

Stylish Felt Sleeve

Carry your Neoven in a stylish felt case. The inner lining is made of a special material that absorbs the heat the device generates and maintains the desired temperature right up until you start eating lunch.

Start dining comfortably

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